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The Communiqué on the Amendment of the Communiqué on the Signing of the Company Establishment Agreement in the Trade Registry Directorates (“Communiqué”) was published in the Official Gazette dated July 22, 2020. With the Communiqué, the principles regarding the issuance of the signature declarations required to be submitted to the trade registry directorates in the establishment of the company and the opening of the commercial enterprise have been amended.


According to the amendment; the signature declaration of the persons authorized to sign in the foreign country can be issued by approving their signatures by the Turkish Consulate in that country or the competent authorities in accordance with the legislation of that country. It is made compulsory to sign the declarations issued by the foreign authorities in accordance with the provisions of the Contract for the Abolition of the Certification of Foreign Official Documents or from the Turkish Consulate to the commercial registry offices with the notarized Turkish translation.


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