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Kılınç Law & Consulting supports their clients in all kinds of consultancy services including the adequate application of employment law rules and principles to employee-employer relationships, preparation of employment contacts and documents containing rules that regulate the internal functioning of the company within the scope of the employee-employer relationships, such as regulations and procedures and determining the strategies thereof, informing the clients regarding the latest changes in the legislation or precedents and provide them with a rapid and reliable legal opinion on the procedures of implementation thereof.

In addition to above-mentioned services, our Firm provides legal assistance and consultancy regarding the conduction of preparation processes for employee-employer disputes, not only the ones brought by the employees but also the ones brought by the employers, representing the client in mediation negotiations, conducting the litigation and representation services in line with the interests of the clients by taking into consideration the Turkish Law, high judicial jurisprudence and practices.


Competence of Unions to Conclude a Collective Labour Agreement
June 30, 2021

Competence of Unions to Conclude a Collective Labour Agreement

Employment Law
Reading Time: 4 minutes I.               COLLECTIVE LABOUR AGREEMENT COMPETENCE OF UNIONS AND ITS CONDITIONS In the simplest and broadest sense, a union is a...