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Kılınç Law & Consulting has extensive experience in the preparation of contracts for ship chartering and sales (MOA and other related documents) within maritime trade law. The Firm also specialises in tracking of all kinds of ports and related units, coercive reason risks, bond issuance, freight and dead freight, and provide legal advice and consulting services on forwarding agreements, as well as on the compliance with national and international legislation.

Kılınç Law & Consulting also provides legal assistance to P&I clubs, ship-owners and shipping agencies in making arrangements for unauthorised port and dock claims, rent or freight payment by tenants, letter of credit disputes, ship owner responsibilities, cargo disputes and arresting of vessels in case of breach of contract conditions.

Kılınç Law & Consulting’s experienced maritime trade law team also provides consultancy services to port operators. They prepare and revise all contracts made with third parties regarding services given in the port area, the fire of crane, and other vehicles and equipment belonging to the enterprises. In case of damages due to accidents, Kılınç Law & Consulting also assists clients with legal proceedings against the third party, following the cases related to the damages caused by the containers, revising the contracts under the container services, revising the liability related to the port and terminal operators and revising and issuing all risk policies and port operations.

The team also has experience working with the Ministry and assists clients in obtaining and renewing a list of permits and other documents including construction permits, establishment permit for coastal premises temporary operation permit, establishment of temporary storage place and permit to operate, permit to open and permit work place, special security permit certificate, statement of compliance of a port facility certificate of exemption for waste acceptance facility, certificate of no EIA required, certificate of exemption from noise assessment, certificate of business, brand renewal certificate, as well as legal counselling and lawyer services.


Digitalization Steps In The Maritime Industry
June 9, 2020

Digitalization Steps In The Maritime Industry

Innovation & Fintech, Maritime
Reading Time: 4 minutes I.                INTRODUCTION The concept of the fourth industrial revolution or in other words, Industry 4.0 which has become widely heard...